An Essential Supplement

Bodybuilding is a common sport enjoyed by millions across the globe. However, the art of bodybuilding can be very competitive and demanding. The aim of any body builder is to build muscle mass in proportion with increased age. In general, bodybuilding involves high intensity, continuous training and total dedication towards the goal. Some basic steps are involved in the process of bodybuilding.

The process of bodybuilding includes three primary components namely diet, dieting and rest. The diet of bodybuilding should consist of adequate proteins, calories, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in the correct proportion. In order to fuel the increased level of energy expenditure brought about by the intense exercise routine, the bodybuilder must consume high quantities of food rich in carbohydrate and protein. The foods that are rich in calories are preferably complemented by a good amount of complex carbohydrates. A diet that does not allow the intake of fat is also essential to keep the body fit and healthy. Consuming food items that are rich in calories is however not essential as fat provides the body with energy to perform various body functions.

The second component of bodybuilding is dieting. A bodybuilder should consume proper food items at regular intervals in order to provide energy and build muscle mass. The best time to consume the required amount of food is breakfast and late evening. The diet of a bodybuilder may include foods rich in proteins, calories, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. The food components which are rich in calories are usually complemented with an equal supply of complex carbohydrates and proteins.

The third and final component of bodybuilding is aerobic training. Aerobic training is a great way to increase the rate of metabolism. When the metabolism rate increases, the body burning more calories and hence fat is accumulated in the body. The most common form of aerobic training includes running, cycling, volleyball, basketball and rowing. These activities provide excellent health benefits for bodybuilders.

There are many bodybuilding diets available on the internet today. One can choose any such bodybuilding diet according to his or her needs and personality. However it is important for a bodybuilder to remember that such dieting plans should be planned only after consulting a nutritionist. A nutritionist will help a bodybuilder in understanding the nature of his or her body and will suggest appropriate dieting plans. It is always advisable to consult a nutritionist before starting any bodybuilding diet plan.

Resistance training plays a vital role in the bodybuilding process. It is therefore essential for bodybuilders to select appropriate resistance training exercises. These strength training exercises to develop the size and strength of the muscles. Bodybuilders should therefore concentrate on compound exercises that involve many muscle groups. For example; a bicep curls and bench press would be appropriate resistance training exercises for a bodybuilder. Other than resistance training, bodybuilding enthusiasts should also include cardio workouts in their daily routine as these help in improving cardiovascular conditions and help in muscle mass development.

Bodybuilders should ensure that they consume adequate amounts of protein in their diet. This is because the excess protein intake leads to the accumulation of fat in the body. Therefore bodybuilders should ensure that they consume five to six grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. Some professionals suggest consuming one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. This can be achieved by consuming six ounces of milk or fish per day.

Creatine has been touted as a secret weapon of bodybuilders. But there is no doubt that creatine has tremendous health benefits. It helps in improving sports performance, energy levels, muscle strength and recovery time. It can be synthesized from carbohydrates, fats and protein and is a natural component of the human body.