It appears that the penalties for steroid abuse may be harsher than those for steroids found in baseball. If that is the case, you can expect to see an even tougher crackdown on steroid abuse by sportsmen. The Sudden Surge in Steroid Abuse in Sports

Unfortunately, the misuse of steroids in athletes is on the rise. For athletes in almost any sport, the fact that steroids are part of the game has been an issue.


Steroid use is not necessarily harmful to an athlete. There are instances where steroids are used to increase performance and muscle mass.

The thought is that the steroids help stimulate muscle growth. This allows for athletes to be more explosive when playing. It is said that the steroid helps increase speed and energy.

There are so many advantages of steroids for an athlete. However, there is a major downside to using them.

The use of steroids by an athlete puts his body into a state of hormone overload. This can cause many serious health problems. For instance, there have been reports of cancer and other serious illnesses.

There are many health risks associated with the use of steroids. Some of the most serious include acne, low sperm count, loss of bone density, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, and even heart attacks.

The use of steroids by professional athletes has created a major backlash against the entire system. Athletes are now fighting back and speaking out against the use of steroids in sports.

Steroids have become so popular in many sports that they have become banned by many leagues. In one example, the NFL will not allow its players to use steroids in order to play.

Many professional athletes are concerned about their health and safety and the effect of steroids may have on their careers if used improperly. Many coaches also fear the effect steroids could have on their players.

More government officials are finding the problem of steroid abuse is so serious that they are calling for harsher punishments for the athletes involved. An example is the recent outrage by US Anti-Doping Agency that led to a major political fight over the football players’ use of performance enhancing drugs.

While the decision for any penalties may be tough, the use of steroids by an athlete’s career and the risk to their health is of great concern. Athletes must weigh the cost of banning steroids against the financial benefits that steroid use can provide.