Can You Get Pain Relief From Legal Steroids?

Do you need legal steroids for an injury? Many patients come to me with medical problems, such as chronic pain and illness. In addition, I see many clients who are interested in getting the help of the legal system to get their medical bills paid and become completely pain free.

legal steroids

One reason why I am very interested in helping people is because my own medical bills due to injuries and illnesses, including the use of legal steroids were so high that it almost destroyed my health. But it was not too late to get help.

Every patient needs the assistance of a trained medical malpractice attorney who will review their case and make sure that your rights are protected in every way possible. A qualified attorney can get you the assistance you need without breaking the bank.

Attorneys have special abilities that will help you get through this challenging period in your life. They will discuss your options with you, help you understand your injury and your doctors, and will help you move forward with confidence.

An attorney can help you assess the pain and recovery time required for your particular injury. They will also let you know about any side effects or risks of the medication that your doctor might be prescribing for you. This way you can decide if the drugs are right for you and can get the best treatment for your condition.

Because of the legal nature of our profession, it is extremely important that your medical history is available to your attorney at the beginning of your case. The fact that you did not disclose your medical history when you originally sought medical attention can cause problems for you later.

You must be honest with your personal injury attorney. If your doctor ordered steroids without your knowledge, for example, and you later realize you are unable to take them because of your injury, then the doctor may be liable. Your attorney can make this information available to you.

It is also important to keep a copy of your medical record. Any records that will impact your ability to recover from your injury should be kept in this file. Otherwise, your attorney might not be able to access them at a later date.

Having an injury lawyer is essential, especially when dealing with legal steroids, because there are many things that are difficult to understand for the first time or inexperienced injured clients. Lawyers with good communication skills are also invaluable in working with you and your medical team to determine the best medical options and the best way to treat your condition.

When choosing the best option for your injury, try to find an attorney that has experience with all types of legal steroids. A law firm that focuses on medical issues including medical steroids will be a good choice. I have known many lawyers who specialize in the law related to medical steroids.

The internet is a great place to look for a lawyer who deals with legal steroids and other legal injury issues. There are many lawyer referral sites that list qualified lawyers that have expertise in all types of injury cases.

Do not feel that you are alone if you need help in overcoming your injury. Most attorneys that handle injury cases also deal with a large number of such cases. There are several attorneys online that will be able to help you with your specific case.

How to Get Started With Bodybuilding


How to Get Started With Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding can be a very rewarding activity. You get to see and work with the results. It’s like you’re in a sport or a team with your fellow bodybuilders. In this article, we will take a look at how to get started with bodybuilding.

Get yourself a good support system. Someone who is more than willing to share their experiences with you so that you can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Of course, if you’re in a place where you can commit to bodybuilding for a long time, then you’re ready to start. But don’t just jump into bodybuilding without a plan of action.

There are many different reasons why you should start bodybuilding, but all of them are better off if you have a great physique. The one that benefits most from bodybuilding is the person who enjoys working out and is more disciplined than most.

Make sure you stick to your fitness goals. Just because you’re a beginner, it doesn’t mean you can slack off. By sticking to your goals, you will continue to build your physique.

Focus on building muscle. If you’re not focusing on what your goals are, then you will end up doing less when you’re more experienced.

If you’re feeling discouraged, or just want to try something new, you might consider bodybuilding as a challenge. Most people who decide to do bodybuilding often pick a given muscle group and focus on that. If you do this too often, you will find it hard to stay focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

You can lose focus easily while you’re working out. To avoid this, make sure you get your workout in every day, and have a schedule to follow. Stick to the schedule and you will succeed.

Really think about what you want out of bodybuilding. Being well balanced is important. Balance comes from proper diet, and a good exercise program, and a healthy amount of rest.

This doesn’t mean that you should take health for granted. You need to be healthy, because bodybuilding will only benefit you if you’re healthy.

All the different parts of your body, including your bones, tendons, muscles, and fat, are connected. Therefore, if you aren’t growing properly, the impact on your muscles and bones is going to be more severe. You should focus on muscle growth and bodybuilding as a whole, rather than focusing on just one area of your body.

By setting the right mindset and the right goal, you will reap the rewards of bodybuilding. And as you are gaining more knowledge about how to get started with bodybuilding, you’ll find that your confidence and your self-esteem grow as well.

What Are The Adverse Effects Of Steroids In Sports?

Steroids are chemical and synthetic versions of hormones. They are introduced to increase athletic performance, and enhance the body’s response to different types of exercise. Their use is increasing day by day, and their hazards are becoming more evident.


Steroids are being used by athletes, non-athletes alike as a regular supplement to athletic and recreational activity for enhancing its effect. There is no scientific basis for its use, and its harmful effects on health have been extensively researched. However, there is still no accepted limit on its consumption. According to experts, they should be treated as with any other medical or recreational drugs.

Many athletes find that their use of steroids in the first place can lead to complications in various sports events. One of the common reactions to taking steroids is gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of the breast tissue. The use of steroids is also the leading cause of increased levels of testosterone in the body.

Long-term steroid users are said to be at higher risk of prostate cancer. There is a statistical link between testosterone use and several cancers, including testicular cancer. The International Olympic Committee has banned the use of the performance-enhancing drugs during the Summer Olympics. It has set new deadlines for their use to end in all sports.

Other adverse effects of steroid use are organ damage, infertility, cardiovascular and pulmonary problems, sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and acne. Amongst the many professional sports, basketball players are the biggest users of steroids. But the effects of steroids on an athlete are not confined to sports. They are also seen in fields such as politics, medicine, accounting, and construction.

Several countries have banned the use of steroids, but some sportsmen continue to abuse them in spite of the serious and severe problems caused by their use. Before the ban on steroids was imposed by the International Olympic Committee, a great number of athletes used them. They now seem to be on the wane in most sporting activities.

In the U.S., the number of deaths related to anabolic steroids has risen sharply in recent years. The figures were revealed in a major report by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration. Although a considerable number of steroid-induced deaths can be attributed to excess use of these drugs, a large number of deaths may be accidental, owing to misuse.

Despite the ban on steroids, some athletes continue to use dangerous steroids, according to the report. The Administration has banned thousands of bottles of steroid supplements, but thousands of companies have made a fresh supply, by adulterating the original compounds. The potency of the various anabolic steroids, especially Testosterone is increasing, so athletes continue to take the pills, instead of plain natural substances.

For athletes to use steroids in sports activities, they need a prescription from a doctor. They must be supervised while they are taking the pills, as it is dangerous to take the drugs without proper prescription. Sometimes, athletes find it easy to obtain their prescription, when their coaches, trainers’ wives or girlfriends know about their intent to take steroids.

Although the Administration has banned the use of steroids in athletics, sportsmen continue to use them, even though they are illegal. Some insist that steroids do not adversely affect the performance of an athlete.

The Mexican National Athletic Commission (CONMEBOL) has banned steroids for international competition, although it cannot enforce it because the law does not allow CONMEBOL to intervene. In several sports, such as football, the rules in favor of steroids are very flexible. Only recently, has the question of steroids been put on the agenda of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).Steroids are illegal, and if taken as a substitute for real substances, they are potentially very serious dangers. The danger of complications and health hazards is much greater than if they were taken in the correct manner. It is a great temptation for a non-athlete to take steroids, but he should be aware of the risks and complications that may result.

Supplement Labels – How to Read Them to Find the Right Supplement For You

Supplements are nothing new, they have been around since the beginning of mankind. Supplements were used for medicinal and nutritional purposes way back in the day.


Supplements are no longer thought of as something to be concerned about, with all the positive results we see today in the health and body builders. As a matter of fact, supplements are actually the best thing that has happened to fitness in the past few decades.

In recent times, supplements were mainly a one trick pony. Now, these products can be found all over the place. You are sure to find a supplement that will help you lose weight and build muscle quickly.

Because there are so many supplements out there claiming to provide you with thousands of health benefits, you have to wonder which supplements really work. If you want to know which supplements are the best, then you need to learn how to read a supplement label.

Of course, some supplements don’t say much about their effects on your body and there’s not much you can do but buy them and hope that they give you the results you’re looking for. However, there are supplements that will not only work but also show you how they work.

When you start to look at the labels of the supplements that you’re considering, you’ll notice that they will tell you whether or not the supplement works. They’ll tell you how many grams per serving and how much nutrition they have.

The supplements that do work are made from substances that are low in toxicity and will give you results if taken in high doses. They will also provide the protein your body needs.

Protein is the most important building block of your body and when you don’t get enough of it, you can suffer from everything from allergies to rashes to illness. Even though proteins have been known to be good for you, they have an important role in the maintenance of your immune system.

Amino acids are also important in the maintenance of your immune system. Some of the best protein supplements that you can use for your workout are whey and casein protein powders.

Other supplements that are good for increasing your energy levels are branched chain amino acids. These are taken by making the amino acid compound into a powder and ingesting this instead of protein.

If you want to get some carbohydrates into your system, look for carbohydrate supplements. You may even want to consider carbohydrate powders and a carb supplement if you want to raise your insulin levels, which is helpful for people with diabetes.

When you read the labels on the supplements that you’re considering, you will see that they will tell you how many health benefits each has. These benefits will include helping you build lean muscle, reduce stress levels, improve your circulation, improve your overall sleep patterns, increase your immune system, and burn fat.

Do You Have To Be Addicted To Legal Steroids?

Using illegal performance enhancing drugs may cause a person to become addicted to legal steroids. Legal steroids can have very different effects on the body of an individual than illegal steroids. These differences can be a reason for a legal steroid addiction.

legal steroids

When used in prescribed amounts, legal steroids will not become addictive. An individual may have a short-term dependence on them if they are used in high doses for a prolonged period of time. The body of an individual may need more of the legal steroids to achieve the same results as when it is used in prescribed doses. A legal steroid user may also experience an allergic reaction to the steroids, when used in the high doses that are needed to achieve the desired result.

One reason why illegal steroids can become addictive is because the user has to take more of them in order to get the same effect. Illegal steroids increase the levels of hormones in the body. The user will need more of the steroids to achieve the same benefits. Eventually, if the user takes too much, they will become addicted to legal steroids.

Because legal steroids have different side effects than illegal steroids, an individual may also become addicted to legal steroids. Legal steroids are chemically different from illegal steroids. Legal steroids have been tested and verified for their safety and effectiveness.

The side effects of illegal steroids are different than those of legal steroids. Illegal steroids are illegal because they are not approved by the FDA or they have not undergone a rigorous FDA process to prove that they are safe for human use. This makes it impossible for an individual to determine if they are safe or not before they take them. However, the side effects of legal steroids are much different from illegal steroids.

Many people take legal steroids for performance enhancement purposes. They feel that if they use a legal steroid they will have more energy and increased stamina. For some people, they believe that taking legal steroids will help their depression. Others believe that taking legal steroids will help to improve their sexual performance.

Because there are many different reasons why an individual may become addicted to legal steroids, there are different treatments available for them. In some cases, legal steroids can be used only with the permission of a doctor. When this happens, an individual can legally take the steroids under the doctor’s supervision. The person who administers the legal steroids to the individual is called the “pharmacist”. There are not any rules or regulations that govern who can administer and who cannot administer legal steroids.

When someone is addicted to legal steroids, they have to be careful about how they are taking them. The individual should only take them in a doctor’s office or pharmacy under the prescription of a medical professional. They should also ask their doctor questions about their use of legal steroids.

Legal steroids are also taken orally rather than via injection. If an individual takes them via injection, they run the risk of getting an adverse reaction from the steroid. Oral steroids are also less risky, but there are still risks to using them orally as well.

Some people are addicted to legal steroids because they are prescribed to them by a doctor. They are using them in a medical context. Other people use legal steroids to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis. People can become addicted to legal steroids if they take them without first consulting their doctor.

Anyone can become addicted to legal steroids. Even if you never consumed them in a medical context, they could become addictive to you. It may be hard to know whether or not you are addicted to legal steroids unless you visit a doctor and tell him or her about your drug usage.

An individual can become addicted to legal steroids by taking them orally. It may be difficult to find out if you are addicted until you have taken them orally. It is also important to make sure that you consult your doctor before you begin taking legal steroids. because most of them are not safe to use without a doctor’s approval.

The Way to Bodybuilding Is a Great Workout

Bodybuilding is a competitive sport, but it is also an exercise regimen that have made its mark on the world. It is a combination of bodybuilding and strength training. Bodybuilding has become very popular with men in particular. Bodybuilding requires strength as well as power and bodybuilding exercises can only be performed correctly when performed at a very high intensity.


Bodybuilding is a combination of bodybuilding and strength training. The athlete has to exercise with a lot of determination and make sure that he or she doesn’t tire easily. It takes both the body and the mind to achieve this goal.

You have to get to the gym on time, you must be ready to workout and then you need to follow some guidelines and get to understand the basics of bodybuilding. You can’t just do your training alone. A proper diet and a whole lot of cardio training are needed in order to keep the body fit and help it to remain healthy. There is no doubt that bodybuilding does make you look good, but you must remember that it also gives you health benefits.

The best thing about bodybuilding is that you can achieve your goals through a complete bodybuilding diet plan and also use bodybuilding exercises. When you combine these two, you will be able to get strong, lean and weight you want.

When you decide to start a bodybuilding program, you need to make sure that you are focusing on total body development and not just on increasing lean mass. This means that muscle building should be combined with fat loss and lean mass needs to be added. No matter how much mass you want to build in your muscles, you should get the right balance between fat loss and muscle gain.

In bodybuilding, you can work with weights but when you get into bodybuilding exercises, you should first make sure that the resistance that you are going to be using are appropriate for the task that you are doing. For example, you may do bench press with a heavy weight and then later on, after doing some lunges, you will increase the weight and perform the same type of exercise.

When it comes to bodybuilding exercises, they can vary and the exercise will be dependent on the person doing it. There are many bodybuilding exercises but most of them will depend on how you want to build your muscles. You can either choose exercises which are based on using specific muscles or exercises which are used for working the whole body at the same time.

For bodybuilding exercises, there are three basic workouts that you can do every day, a low-rep set, a high-rep set and an upper/lower-body dynamic. All three types of bodybuilding workouts require the use of the back, chest and arms. As a beginner, you should first focus on a lower-body dynamic set because this will help you to tone your legs and arms.

In bodybuilding, the overall appearance is also important because you are putting your body through a lot of work and it also affects your lifestyle. This is one reason why you should always eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water to make sure that you stay fit all the time. The key to a beautiful body knows how to maintain a balanced diet and having a routine that suits your needs.

To maintain your weight and to keep your muscles in place, bodybuilding workouts for the most part require the use of weights or weight machines while you work out on the other muscle groups. With these kinds of workouts, your focus will be mainly on strengthening your lower body while your upper and middle body development will be achieved by using dumbbells.

The best way to build a full body workout is to try out different types of routines. Try to do some bodybuilding exercises that target all the muscles in your body. Doing these kinds of exercises will give you all the benefits of bodybuilding and they will also help you burn extra calories and as well as giving you a nice figure.

Bodybuilding is not a sport, but with a good fitness program you can lose those unwanted pounds and get the curves you always wanted. !

Do Steroids Really Work?


Do Steroids Really Work?

Steroids are a very controversial topic. It is a subject that has divided many individuals who are against it and those who support the use of steroids.

However, the fact is that there are many benefits to using them, and so many people who have never used them before. To begin with, they are not as harmful as some other drugs that have been given out by pharmaceutical companies. They are not addictive, so you will not feel compelled to go to the drug store and purchase more when you feel that you are not getting enough.

They are considered a natural supplement that your human body can produce on its own. The fact that they are obtained naturally is also a great benefit because they are produced by the body itself, without any type of outside influence. No prescription, no tests, no doctor required.

These health benefits include but are not limited to the fact that steroids will increase your muscle mass. They will also increase your ability to work out at a higher intensity. You will also be able to train for longer periods of time, which means that you will be more fit and strong.

If you are thinking about using steroids to build muscle, there are some things that you should be aware of before you decide to do so. There are a few things that you should know before you start taking steroids. Knowing these things will help you be sure that you are doing the right thing.

One thing that you should know is that you will not be able to gain as much weight as you could if you were not using steroids. As stated above, steroids are natural and are not an aid to gaining weight.

Another thing that you should know is that you will not be able to take up as many gym memberships. Steroids will add weight, but it will not give you the kind of fat that you could if you were exercising the same way. This means that you will not be able to join any gym or participate in a lot of exercises.

Because steroids will increase the amount of muscle tissue that you have, you will find that you can lose a lot of weight. This is due to the fact that you will be able to burn a lot more calories than you would have otherwise.

The most important thing that you need to know is that steroids can cause side effects. You will find that they can bring on high blood pressure, acne, increased hair growth, and increase aggression. In addition, there are other things that they can do, such as making the person look like a celebrity.

Many people have reported that they are nervous and irritable because of the side effects of steroids. The issue is that steroids are not recommended for everyone.

This is not to say that many people do not take them, though. Often, they are taken as a means of obtaining more muscle, but many people choose to use them as a means of enhancing their sex appeal. This is actually what many people call “sports performance enhancers”.

Although the side effects can be varied, they are relatively few and far between. Because of this, steroids are now widely considered to be safe for most people, and are used as a means of increasing muscle mass, enhancing sex appeal, or losing weight.

Which Supplements Are Best For You?

If you are interested in gaining the benefits of nutritional supplements, you are probably wondering what they actually are. To start with, a supplement is any food or beverage that is meant to improve the way a person looks, acts, feels, performs, or thinks. There are many supplements on the market, and they all have different benefits.


So, just what are the best supplements for every man and woman? This is up to you to decide. The most common supplements used are protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and herbs. Of course, some of these types of supplements may be used alone or in combination.

One of the best products to use to increase sex drive is a male enhancement product. In addition to this, many men are seeking supplements to help them lose weight, decrease fat, increase stamina, and improve their immune system.

Many male enhancement products are designed to increase a man’s energy levels. A good example of this is Vitamin E, which can be mixed with a protein powder and eaten. Supplementing the diet with Vitamin E helps increase energy levels.

Vitamin C has also been used for centuries to aid digestion. Along with this, Acai berry has become very popular for its anti-aging properties. Acai berries are thought to contain powerful antioxidants and other essential nutrients.

Another important component of supplements is alpha lipoic acid, or ALA. It is a nutrient found in salmon. It is an antioxidant, and studies have shown that it can help improve blood circulation and reduce blood sugar levels.

Beta carotene is often included in supplements because it is good for the eyes. While it is important to eat a healthy diet that includes vegetables and fruits, there are many foods that contain too much beta carotene. Adding a supplement that contains the correct amount of beta carotene will help improve vision.

The heart and blood vessels are responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body and are required for proper functioning. Supplements like niacin and lutein are said to help prevent artery blockage and lower blood pressure.

Amino acids, which are proteins, are beneficial to the body because they have the ability to transport nutrients, cells, and other substances. Alpha lipoic acid is a type of amino acid that aids in the transport of nutrients within the body. Because of its ability to transport nutrients, it can also be beneficial for people who are battling with ADD, ADHD, or ADD/ADHD.

As an anti-oxidant source, vitamins C and E are excellent, and they are also good for bones and teeth. Also included in most supplements are Vitamins B, A, and E. These are very good for the heart and for blood clotting. DMAE, a powerful ingredient found in marula oil, can help increase sexual appetite, fertility, and libido.

In addition to getting the nutrition that you need to stay healthy, many people find that taking supplements can also improve the overall look and feel of their skin. Vitamin C, iron, and zinc all work together to make your skin glow. Most of the times, it is safe to take an eye cream made from the above ingredients.

Always ask your doctor if you should use any supplements, and always use them as directed. Just remember that when taking any supplement, make sure that you consult your doctor first.

Adverse Effects of Steroid Use

legal steroids

Adverse Effects of Steroid Use

According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, recreational and illegal use of legal steroids can lead to health problems such as anabolic-androgenic steroid dependency or abuse. These substances also carry serious health risks. Medical experts also warn that abusing legal steroids can lead to addiction, impaired fertility, cardiovascular disease, amputation of healthy body parts, cancer, infertility, and sexual dysfunction.

In order to accurately diagnose users of legal steroids, it is important to know what these substances are and how they work. In its simplest form, anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones derived from testosterone. However, synthetic or fake versions of this hormone are also made using steroids from other plants and animal sources. The benefits of steroids for athletes are directly related to their ability to increase strength and muscle mass.

The testosterone, a male sex hormone, is primarily responsible for the production of muscle tissues and bone density. A significant amount of testosterone is required to rebuild the tissues after being injured or an injury has occurred. Because steroids are man-made, they do not actually grow muscles but rather provide certain benefits like increased strength and athletic ability. The quality of muscle is increased by the way steroids stimulate the body’s natural testosterone production.

Legal steroids may be easily acquired through various methods. Some are prescribed by a doctor, while others are purchased over the counter or through the Internet. Recreational use of these steroids can lead to health problems as well.

Stanozolol, a banned and illicit drug, has been implicated in the deaths of several young people. Although it was deemed a legitimate medicine by the FDA, doctors did not require prescription or professional supervision before prescribing it to patients. This may have led to medical complications because these steroids may reduce muscle mass and may contribute to the formation of severe erectile dysfunction.

Anabolic steroids are widely used in weight-lifting and are available in a variety of popular supplement brands. One such brand is Pro Equip, which contains diosgenin, a type of plant protein, as its main ingredient. It can also contain epimedium and tretinoin, which are vitamin A derivatives.

Creatine is naturally found in red meat and dairy products, but too much of it can cause symptoms such as irregular heartbeats, liver damage, and decreased levels of energy. Another side effect of excessive creatine is increased thirst. Illegal usage of illegal steroids can cause water retention, low levels of energy, and even permanent damage to the liver.

Other legal steroids include steroids known as corticosteroids. These are usually used to treat inflammation and swelling, which may occur when an injury or infection is treated. Corticosteroids are considered one of the main categories of steroids.

Steroids containing testosterone are extremely popular. There are various types of steroids that contain testosterone, including androstenedione, testosterone enanthate, and oxymetholone. Common side effects of using these steroids include dry skin, impotence, hair loss, lack of energy, depression, and more.

Weightlifters are particularly susceptible to dangerous side effects of these steroids because they may not be very careful about what they put into their bodies. Performance enhancing drugs are easily abused by professional and amateur bodybuilders alike. For this reason, bodybuilders have to undergo rigorous drug testing before competing at a prestigious event such as the Mr. Universe contest.

Body builders are not the only ones who take steroids, however. Athletes who train with weights, who are involved in competitive sports, and even those who play video games often abuse steroids. Scientists also believe that teens are also looking for ways to build muscle without the use of legal steroids.

The use of steroids is not advised by medical professionals because of the dangers of health complications and death. In fact, according to the US National Football League, some of its players have used steroids before. The World Anti-Doping Agency also says that steroids should not be used by athletes because of the potential health risks involved.

The most important thing about bodybuilding is that it helps you to build your body. Therefore, you need to do bodybuilding if you want to have a strong and fit body. A Personal View on Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is an activity where the human body is treated as a real living machine and fitness is being achieved. The main objective of bodybuilding is to build muscles and make them look good.


Bodybuilding requires discipline and perseverance, but there are some who do it without having any knowledge. This is because bodybuilding is all about training and gaining knowledge about different aspects of the bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is a combination of weights, specialized training and many other exercises. The exercises must be controlled, so that they develop the best form. This is done by observing certain techniques of muscle growth.

Before embarking into bodybuilding, make sure that you understand what exactly you will be doing. You need to consider all the things that you will be doing and understand how your body will react in each specific step.

To begin with, different weight is used for bodybuilding. As you use the lighter weights, you will develop your body’s ability to adapt and grow stronger.

Bodybuilding has different kinds of routines. Some of them include cardio exercises, weight lifting and gymnastics. You can perform several muscle building exercises, which are essential in building the body’s muscles.

When you start bodybuilding, there are some basic exercises that you need to learn. For example, doing push ups, sit ups and chest press is required to build your upper body strength.

A crucial element in bodybuilding is proper diet because your body’s muscles require nutrition. Thus, there are many supplements that you can take to gain more strength and size. So, the supplements are important if you want to grow your muscles.

If you want to grow your muscles, you need to consume protein. You need to eat lots of protein because protein will increase your muscles’ mass.

You need to perform compound exercises. Compound exercises consist of joint movements and work the whole body. If you want to build your muscles, you need to do compound exercises regularly.

Bodybuilding is a kind of physical activity that will not only help you get bigger and stronger, but it will also help you burn excess fat. It will also help you improve your general health.