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Couple Webcam shows: Chaturbate offers you the best

You’ve probably watched couple webcam shows on different adult webcam sex sites. But deep down, you still have a feeling that you haven’t experienced a truly satisfying virtual sexual adventure involving couples. If you truly want to know how you can bring your dirty sexual imagination to reality by watching couple webcam shows, then this article is for you. 

I was like you two years ago before I came across Chaturbate. Funnily, I knew about Chaturbate when it was launched in 2011. But I never visited the site. Then I was a regular visitor in another webcam sex because I got all my sexual desires satisfied then. But with time, activities on the site became boring and predictable. So, I started crisscrossing over other sites. I was in this terrible state of mind when a friend introduced told me about Chaturbate.

Chaturbate, is an exciting adult webcam sex site, the best I’ve seen so far. But I’m not going to talk about all its rooms and features in this article. Specifically, I will share some insights about what to expect in Chaturbate couple sex rooms. So, you’d learn about its couple rooms and how your experience can take you closer to the peak of your ever fantasied erotic adventure.

First what is couple webcam shows?

Couple webcam shows are a section of a typical adult webcam sex site where you get to watch the sexual activities of couples. It’s different from regular poor videos where actions are recorded. In couple webcam shows, you’re fully part of the activity. You have a say in what they do and how they do it. In fact, you can become the director of the act if you can tip the couple, or bid for them to go private with you.

Who are the performers?

Well, the performers are fun-loving couples who feel like sharing their privacy with you. Most of them are amateurs but there are professionals as well. The couple video their sexual performance and broadcast it to the viewers. Some of them are quite popular on the site and they have their fans. So, people anticipate their shows. And join them to enjoy the moment.

Sometimes, the performers are not necessarily couples. Two different couples may come together to have sex. Their ultimate mission is to catch fun, fucking each other and make you take part in their experience.

Each couple is unique. There are some that do threesome. You can also have four people engaging in sexual acts. You can have a couple of the same sex, as in the case of lesbians or gays. The options are limitless. So, it all boils down to what you want.

How to become part of the show

You have to register as a member before you can have full access to thousands of couple webcam shows. Being broadcast from different parts of the world. Registration on Chaturbate is free and that qualifies you to browse for a couple webcam show that you like.


Prices on Chaturbate are quite affordable. You need to purchase tokens using payment platforms such as PayPal, bank credit card, etc. 

Standard Chaturbate prices for tokens are:

100 tokens for $10.99

200 tokens for $20.99

500 tokens for $44.99


Where there are no rules, there can’t be offense. Chaturbate is an organized adult webcam site. The site has moderators who see into smooth activities on the site. Chaturbate doesn’t accept insults or abusive use of words. Everyone is expected to act in accordance to the room rules and guidelines. You can report any abuse on the site to the moderators. It’s quite easy to recognize moderators on the site. Their accounts appear in red.

Customer Service

Chaturbate has effective and responsive customer service that accept your enquiries on any issue you may have. They operate 24/7.


Chaturbate’s couple webcam shows rank highest among several other webcam sex sites I’ve visited. The performers are hot. Even the ones that are not professionals among them are real. And they listen to comments of the viewers. I’ve been in private with them for a quite number of time. And the experiences are awesome. I took part in the sexual exploration and I can say with conviction that the time is worth it. 

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